It’s no secret that in cheerleading, everyone wants to be first. First/Last explores what it takes to keep the competitive fire alive in a two-horse race, where if you’re not first, you’re last. Through Halifax Cheer Elite and Cheer Extreme, the only two senior five teams in the Maritimes, we understand friendship and fame in the backdrop of stunts and pyramids.

It’s a story of firsts and lasts: of this, the first year of the two-team division; of two teams who want first and abhor last; of a coach’s last hurrah after almost a decade with the team. And it’s our first documentary, to boot.

First/Last premiered on April 1 as part of a student documentary showcase at the University of King’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


” I am happy and proud to have taken part in this project with you.” – Chris Cunningham, First/Last subject

“Heartbreaking… they definitely captured it!” – Michelle Langille, Cheer Xtreme member


For more information, check out our electronic press kit.


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