Big Shoes

When Dale Rancourt puts on his yellow hat and becomes Klutzy the Klown, he is a Cape Breton icon. He can’t drive five minutes without hearing cheerful honks from other drivers, or waving back to children whose faces have lit up. But in the last ten years, it’s Dale who’s won a lottery payout—after a psychic predicted he would—who left his grocery job after 15 years to become a full-time clown, and whose dream is to give away a million dollars in fundraising. And it’s been Dale who has split up from two ex-wives, who has worked through family commitments and his stepmother’s deathbed in Ontario, and who muses about leaving his home to return to his family.

Fee Fi Fo Films is proud to present Big Shoes, a short documentary that isn’t about a clown, but about a man who nearly have lost his dream—but lives it instead.

Big Shoes premiered on August 13 at the Bus Stop Theatre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


“You have portrayed the man I want to be.” – Dale Rancourt, Big Shoes subject

“Very uplifting.” – Hugh Toner, East Coast Music Awards nominee


Watch the trailer here:


2 responses to “Big Shoes

  1. Wanted to tell both of you what a wonderful job you are doing covering these unique stories…somebody has to cover the positive stuff!
    Very uplifting! I wish you enormous success as you move through life.

    It was a pleasure meeting you both


  2. miraclarke

    I can’t wait to see more of “Big Shoes.” If the trailer is any indication, it should be well worth a watch.
    Media Industry (25years)

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