Our Work


October 2011. Running time: 8 minutes, 38 seconds.

“It’s as easy as riding a bike,” people would say. It was an expression that Adrian never truly understood. This five-minute short will explore what it’s like when a 22-year-old Asian man decides he finally wants to overcome his fear of failure, and accomplish what he’s never wanted to do: ride a bicycle.


August 2011. Running time: 31 minutes, 51 seconds. 

When Dale Rancourt got fired from his supermarket job after 15 years, he decided to devote more time to volunteering as a clown at a new cancer treatment centre. Then parents started asking him what his rate was for birthday parties. Since then, he’s won the lottery, bought and paid for his $75,000 Cape Breton house (with private lake) in cash, focused on his custom car collection, bought and sold a fitness centre, became a full-time clown, and hasn’t held a legal job since.


April 2011. Running time: 10 minutes, 21 seconds.

What happens when there are only two teams in a sport defined by competition, and anything but first means last? In our debut film, we explore competitive cheerleading in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and follow the only two teams in the senior level five division as they balance friendships with rivalries. Shot in our final year of journalism school at the University of King’s College.


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