Big Shoes: The Release!

A lot has happened in the last few months for us–most significantly, Fraiman moving to Korea to teach English. We also had our inaugural screening of our half-hour feature debut, Big Shoes, the story of Cape Breton clown Dale Rancourt. Thanks to everyone who came out, and in particular, we want to thank the venue, the Bus Stop Theatre, as well as the Coast, CBC Radio’s Main Street program, and the Chronicle Herald, who gave us generous press about the screening (much to our surprise).

Unfortunately, we also found out last week that Big Shoes was not accepted to be a part of this year’s Atlantic Film Festival. And since Fee Fi Fo Films will be taking a year-long hiatus on any new projects–due to Fraiman’s travelling and some ongoing naming conflicts–we’ve decided to release Big Shoes for free.

Or, at least close to free. In exchange, we ask only that you pass the movie on to at least one other person, and you keep your eyes open for the release of the short documentary “Adrian Lee Learns To Ride A Bike”, which will be premiering in September as part of a city-funded pop-up gallery curated by the incredible Kat Shubaly.

As for Big Shoes, the electronic press kit can be found here–and the movie is below! Please leave a comment, or five, and tell us what you think!

We’d like to thank you all for your support in our nascent filmmaking career. It has meant a great deal.

Adrian Lee & Mike Fraiman


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  1. He’s a legend, a role model and definately shares a meaning of life. xo The community loves.

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