Weather thwarts bike film & a clown teaser

So because the weather has simply not allowed for a decent bike riding session, we’re putting “Adrian Lee Learns how to Ride a Bike” on hiatus until the sun comes out. YOU HEAR ME, SUN?!

In other news, we’re shooting “The Clown Who Won the Lottery” next weekend — and we need your help! Because rental costs are high and AFCOOP is moving, we’re looking for anyone interested in helping us out by lending one of the following items next weekend:

– A tripod

– A camera backpack

– A Canon-friendly IS USM prime lens

– A Canon-friendly IS USM zoom lens (preferably up to 300, but hey, we’re not picky)

– A shotgun mic

– A wireless mic set

We realize the last two are probably less commonly found than the first two. But whatever. We’re putting it out there, y’know? We’ll repay you with beer and affection! And your name in the end credits! You can be “gaffer 1” or “snacks table operator” or “executive producer”.

Curious as to what we need all this stuff for? The man we’re going to spend next weekend with is Klutzy the Clown, whose decade of clowning has made him a staple of Cape Breton life. Check out his website, or the Facebook page “WHERE THE FUCK DID KLUTZY THE CLOWN GO?“, which is a question our doc hopes to answer.

Stay tuned,

Fraiman & Adrian


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