NEW FILM ANNOUNCED: “Adrian Lee Learns How To Ride a Bike”

Quick update for anyone who checks this site and realizes it looks the same all the time:

Fee Fi Fo has announced our second film, “Adrian Lee Learns How To Ride a Bike”, to be shot this May and completed by June. It will a) give us an excuse to film more stuff; b) teach Adrian a life skill he really ought to know already; and c) amuse anyone who watches, because if YouTube has taught us anything, it’s that people falling over is funny.

This is funny, right?

Note: Not Adrian Lee

Running time will probably be around five minutes. I expect the filmic influences will draw heavily upon contemporary grit-realism, the cinema vérité works the Maysles brothers and Allan King’s actuality dramas “Dying at Grace” and “Silence of the North”.

We’ll also be using this space to deliver a short blog about the process, “It’s As Easy As Something”, mostly because Adrian doesn’t think that he’s going to learn nearly as quickly as Fraiman thinks he will. And because words about falling over is also funny.

With love,

Fraiman & Adrian


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